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Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister is doing well. He lives in New York, the city of his dreams, and he has success in his work, designing album covers for the Rolling Stones, Jay-Z and the Talking Heads.

Stefan Sagmeister is a critically acclaimed New York based designer from Vienna.

Stefan Sagmeister

With a focus on concept rather than style, Sagmeister has worked with a wide spectrum of clients such as Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, HBO and the Guggenheim Museum.

AIGA VOICE: JOURNAL OF GRAPHIC DESIGN PAGE 2 Heller: Superficially, your work has some of the conceits of the age – a marriage of art/ expression and design/communication – but retrospectively it is not just fashionable. So you are looking for something special? Did someone mention the words sex, drugs or punk but you can't remember who?

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Sagmeister, an idiosyncratic graphic designer who gave Thursday’s Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design Speaker Series, has created these and dozens more strikingly original pieces in a career that has spanned four decades. Stefan Sagmeister formed the New York based Sagmeister Inc. in and has since designed for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Having been nominated eight times he finally won two Grammies for the Talking Heads and Brian Eno & .

Stefan sagmeister
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