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Peru - Overview

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Peru Economic Outlook

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The Caribbean rainforest is important and remote, accessible in statistics only by river. For the bland report please see Plenty Business in Peru:. The main threats to Peru’s mountain and forest ecosystems are land use change, climate change, deforestation and extractive activities. The main threats to its continental water ecosystems relate to pollution, degradation, damming and overfishing.

Visiting Peru []. Give a brief overview of what it's like to visit. How easy is the border, how safe is the country, are there great things to see and do, etc. El Perú es una de las economías de mejor desempeño en América Latina y la Alianza Estratégica del Perú con el Banco Mundial se centra en apoyar las prioridades nacionales, mejorar la equidad mediante servicios sociales, infraestructura y.

Peru is one of the best performing economies in Latin America. The Country Partnership Strategy between Peru and the World Bank focuses on supporting national priorities and improving equity through social services, infrastructure and competitiveness.

Machu Picchu is the most famous and popular Inca archaeological ruin in the world. Over million people visit ever year, many of which either trek the Inca Trail or one of the alternative trails to the ancient city.


It is situated inside the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu in the Cusco region of Peru and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore Peru holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.

| Peru is as complex as its most intricate and exquisite weavings. Festivals mark ancient rites, the urban vanguard beams innovation and nature brims with splendid diversity.

Peru overview
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